Thursday, April 14, 2011


well, we met up with our FS on Monday and found out why the miscarriage happened. The sac that they took for testing showed that it had 92 chromosomes and most likely that 2 sperms had entered the egg. He said that the m/c was rare and whilst it could happen to anybody but given my age (though I aint that old just yet), just over 36 years old, the chances of a m/c is higher.

But that doesn't mean we won't try again.

We will, perhaps, when my heart has healed. The tears have stopped freely and I am able to enjoy being with T again. Time and again, almost everyday, he still touches my tummy and asks, BAY-BEE? but i tell him that baby is in heaven.

I'm in an acceptance stage of what has happened. It's been 2 months of grieving. I know that when my due date comes in September, I'd probably be sad again but I want to focus on the NOW which is being happy with T.

NOW is good and I am lucky and know that I am blessed for NOW.