Saturday, March 24, 2012

the 80s

I grew up in the 80s. What an era to grow up in! The best times I'd reckon. The hair, the fashion, the music, the way women were portrayed - think Flashdance, Working Girls, the music, the men - think Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice and the tv shows that I'd watch all the time (I was and erm, still am a tv addict!) - MacGyver, Knight Rider, Quantum Leap, Moonlighting, 21 Jump Street *girlish squeal!*, Family Ties, Growing Pains, Remington Steele, V, Perfect Strangers, Joanie Loves Chachi (not sure if this is 80s but I remember watching it for OBVIOUS REASONS! Hello, Scott Baio!) and man, I could go on!

And then, recently, one of the best vocal singers I grew up with passed away. Whitney Houston. Aw man, I was crushed. I mean, I love Whitney. She went through some really hard times but it was her music and her voice that I will always remember growing up. I was just 8 years old I think when I heard, Saving All My Love and my uncles thought her voice was "rubbish" cuz you know they were used to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. While many love her classics, I love the ones that weren't that popular. So, here are my favourite Whitney songs:

I sing this song to T every night. It's a beautiful song and lyrics just so simple and powerful:

RIP, Whitney.

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