Saturday, March 24, 2012

a happy ending.

Whenever an infertile reaches her resolution, I get doubly happy. Because the journey to have that dream of becoming a mum/dad takes lots of hard work, which many fertiles take for granted.

I made friends with B via online blogging when I was going through infertility about 5 years ago, I think. She was going through infertility for some time before I met her and I loved the way she wrote about her experiences and life and dealing with infertility. I could relate to all the emotions she felt. Plus, she has a whacky funny sense of humour. And oh, boy, could she write!

And then, she disappeared from bloggyland. I knew it must have been hard for her but I missed her terribly. But recently, she announced on fb that she has adopted a baby. I screamed with joy and shed happy tears and I could look at her pictures with her new baby, like 100 times a day. It has taken them soooooooooooooo long to reach that resolution. What a journey it has been and so many of us were praying and hoping for her. I am just so happy for them. Beyond words. Both of them are so blessed to have each other and I know that she will love her child so much that she will forever treasure her miracle.

To B, with all my heart, I've missed you so much and I hope someday, we will meet each other.


  1. Thanks for this, my dear. So sweet and beyond appreciated. I remember you writing something many years ago about a dream you had about us meeting up and you envisioned me with a little girl. All these years later, she is finally in my arms. We are so beyond lucky to have such amazing support and to be where we now are. Much love to you!

  2. yes I did write that! a dream of us meeting up and my eyes are welling up, just thinking how far we've come! loving you so much. we will meet, someday, i'm sure.