Friday, December 16, 2011

when my heart finds christmas

tomorrow's our wedding anniversary.

Been married for 6 years, together for 12 years.

We played this song, When my heart finds Christmas by Harry Connick Jr on our wedding day. Brings back such memories and I love this part of the song:

My heart told me once before
To find my dream and search no more
And when my heart finds christmas
I hope it finds you too

My dream was to find a man who loves me and takes me for my smelly breath, hairy armpits, Diana Ross's mane and to have a baby together with him.

We'be been together through a heartwrenching disease of infertility together and he stood by me. And despite my sadness and fear that I was the problem and was terribly petrified when I couldn't bear him a child, he told me that the problem wasn't mine. He said that the problem was ours and that we would find a way, somehow to find a resolution together.

I love him.